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This archive includes talk slides, and general accompanying files from talks at Ruxcon 2008. More slides will be added as they become available.

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Saturday Presentations

Attacking Rich Internet Applications
by Kuza55, Stefano Di Paola
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Now you see it, now you don't! - Obfuscation '08 style...
by Nishad Herath
JavaScript is Harder than you Think
by Paul Ducklin
GPU Powered Malware
by Daniel Reynaud
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Attacking the Vista Heap
by Ben Hawkes
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Targetted OLE2 Attacks, The New Black
by Peter Taylor
SCADA: Hacking Modbus Enabled Devices
by Daniel Grzelak
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Enterprise Security, Softer than the foam on my Frappuccino
by LUMC Crew
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Uninitialized Variables - Finding, Exploiting, Automating
by Daniel Hodson
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Ghost Recon: Subverting Local Networks
by Berne Campbell
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Sunday Presentations

Browser Rider: Your way to Fun Browsing
by Ben Mosse
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None More Black: The Dark Side of SEO
by Roberto Suggi Liverani
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Intelligent Web Fuzzing
by Steph Archibald, Neil Archibald
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Introduction to Reverse Engineering
by Ashley Fox
Netscreen of the Dead: Developing A Trojaned Firmware for Juniper Netscreen Appliances
by Graeme Neilson
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Browser Memory Protection Bypasses in Vista
by Mark Dowd
by Christian Heinrich
Heaps about Heaps
by Brett Moore
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Pimping: Forensic Style
by Adam Daniel
Security Applications for Emulation
by Silvio Cesare
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All material is for educational purposes and to supplement talks that were presented at Ruxcon 2008. All views expressed in the material present is that of the speaker and not reflective of Ruxcon. Any programs or source code contained within this material is purely for proof of concept.