The venue for RUXCON 2008 is UTS once again.

Various UTS Facility Photos:

cafeteria photo  lecture room photo  dancefloor/bar photo

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The address of UTS is: No. 1 Broadway, Ultimo [Broadway City Map]. Entrance Gates are located at the Glasshouse Bar on the corner of Broadway and Harris St (George St changes names to Broadway near central station, which then changes names to Parramatta Rd later) [Broadway Entrance Map / UBD Page 236, B16]

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Entrance gate photos:

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Food and Drink

The UTS cafeteria will be open over the duration of the conference. It has a selection of snack foods and chilled drinks. There may also be a limited selection of hot foods (hotdogs, sausage rolls etc). Along with the union cafeteria, there are various vending machines selling snacks and drinks.

Within walking distance to UTS there is a range of food outlets including McDonalds, Subway and KFC. [More...]

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Glasshouse Bar

The UTS Glasshouse Bar will be open over the weekend and serves a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

The bar offers a full range of espresso coffees, teas, liqueur coffees and hot chocolates. Along with the hot beverages, the bar offers a range of muffins, friands, cookies, and cakes.

To purchase alcoholic drinks at the bar you will need to show ID if asked. License, proof of age card or passport are the only acceptable forms of ID.

Below are some prices at UTS bar:

In the bar area there is also a games room which contains four pool tables and a range of arcade games such as Daytona USA, Street Fighter, Point Blank, Tennis, Virtual Cop, etc.

games room photo #1  games room photo #2

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Within the UTS bar there is a Commonwealth bank ATM machine, and there are various banks machines nearby on George Street. There are no EFTPOS facilities at the entrance to RUXCON, the admission fee must be made by cash only. Please make sure you have the correct amount when coming to RUXCON.