Frequently Asked Questions

The RUXCON FAQ provides general information for those interested in finding out more about the conferencee. If you feel we've missed something out let us know by sending an e-mail to web ruxcon org au. If the FAQ pages don't have the information you're looking for, then email your enquiry to staff ruxcon org au.

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1 - Introduction

  1. What is RUXCON?
  2. When is the next conference?
  3. Where is the next conference?

2 - Talks

  1. What sort of talks should I expect to see?
  2. How am I able to propose a talk?
  3. What sort of material will be available after the conference?
  4. Is RUXCON able to assist with financial expenses for speakers travelling to Sydney?

3 - Activities

  1. What sort of activities should I expect to see?
  2. How am I able to propose an activity?
  3. What do I need to participate in competitions?

4 - Attendees

  1. Who may attend?
  2. What is the entry price?
  3. What should I bring?
  4. Is there any information available for attendees travelling from interstate or overseas?

5 - Misc

  1. Will food and drink be available at the conference?
  2. Are media welcome to attend?

6 - Additional Resources

  1. Official Website
  2. RUXCON Staff Contact Information
  3. Public Mailing Lists