2008 Timetable

Saturday Timetable

Doors open
09:30 Attacking Rich Internet Applications
Kuza55, Stefano Di Paola
10:30 Now you see it, now you don't! - Obfuscation '08 style...
Nishad Herath
11:30 JavaScript is Harder than you Think
Paul Ducklin
12:30 Lunch Break Ruxcon 2008 Quiz
13:30 GPU Powered Malware
Daniel Reynaud
14:30 Attacking the Vista Heap
Ben Hawkes
Targetted OLE2 Attacks, The New Black
Peter Taylor
15:30 Break
16:30 SCADA: Hacking Modbus Enabled Devices
Daniel Grzelak
Enterprise Security, Softer than the foam on my Frappuccino
17:30 Uninitialized Variables - Finding, Exploiting, Automating
Daniel Hodson
Ghost Recon: Subverting Local Networks
Berne Campbell
18:30 Ruxcon 2008 Panel
19:30 TBA: Ruxcon 2008 Party

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Sunday Timetable

09:30 Doors open
10:30 Browser Rider: Your way to Fun Browsing
Nik Mijatovic, Ben Mosse
None More Black: The Dark Side of SEO
Roberto Suggi Liverani
11:30 Intelligent Web Fuzzing
Neil Archibald
Introduction to Reverse Engineering
Ashley Fox
12:30 Netscreen of the Dead: Developing A Trojaned Firmware for Juniper Netscreen Appliances
Graeme Neilson
13:30 Sophos Afternoon BBQ
14:30 Browser Memory Protection Bypasses in Vista
Mark Dowd
Christian Heinrich
15:30 Heaps about Heaps
Brett Moore
Pimping: Forensic Style
Adam Daniel
16:30 Break
17:30 Security Applications for Emulation
Silvio Cesare